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Best Bday Gift

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My best friend's birthday is in 3 weeks! I want to get her something cute ^_^ what should I buy?




14652-amaryllis-anglewithblack-chemise-f Amaryllus Chemise


14652-amaryllis-anglewithblack-kimono-fr Kimono



14651-angelica-lotus-chemise-front-model Angelica Chemise

14651-angelica-lotus-kimono-front-model. Kimono




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Anemone  :thirsty: and the angelica kimono is cute or Amaryllus chemise   :)  :gloria: but angelica kimono is better 

omg! Personally I love Angelica Kimono! <3 but in all honesty I think she'll like Amaryllus Chemise

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