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Selena is supposed to release her final album with Hollywood Records this fall and its a Greatest Hits album. So if you could pick the track listing, what would it be?

here's mine( I used Hilarys as an example)

1) New Song

2) New Song

3) Birthday

4) Slow Down

5) Come & Get It

6) Stars Dance

7) My Dilemma 2.0

8) Whiplash

9) Hit The Lights

10)Shake It Up

11)Bang Bang Bang

12)Love You Like A Love Song

13)Who Says

14)A Year Without Rain

15)Round & Round


17)Falling Down

18)Tell Me Something I Don't Know


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She will not release a greatest hits album :orangu: it was just a rumor. 



But here's mine: 


1. New Song

2. Naturally 

3. Love You Like A Love Song

4. Round & Round 

5. Come & Get It

6. Falling Down

7. Who Says

8. Slow Down

9. Ghost Of You

10. A Year Without Rain

11. Bang Bang Bang

12. Tell Me Something I Don't Know

13. Hit The Lights

14. Undercover 

15. Everything Is Not What It Seems

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