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  1. Happy Birthday BritneyJeanSpears!

  2. Selena is supposed to release her final album with Hollywood Records this fall and its a Greatest Hits album. So if you could pick the track listing, what would it be? here's mine( I used Hilarys as an example) 1) New Song 2) New Song 3) Birthday 4) Slow Down 5) Come & Get It 6) Stars Dance 7) My Dilemma 2.0 8) Whiplash 9) Hit The Lights 10)Shake It Up 11)Bang Bang Bang 12)Love You Like A Love Song 13)Who Says 14)A Year Without Rain 15)Round & Round 16)Naturally 17)Falling Down 18)Tell Me Something I Don't Know 19)Magic BUY HILARYS DUFF "chasing the sun"ON iTunes NOW
  3. It sounds more metamorphosis to me than dignity.
  4. I totally agree. It reminds me of that corny mock video from Liv n Maddie.
  5. Mariah is the elusive chanteuse! She can do no wrong and looks hot as fuck! I'm so wet right now! Any woman would die for this body!!!
  6. Her catsuit in OIDIA was made by Michael Jackson's costume designers and they made it in 24 hour period.
  7. lol probably! I can at least give Selena credit for her use of Britney ideas, cuz she'll come out n say it. The other shady bitches act like they did shit first (Beyonce, gaga, Miley, Beyonce, Katy, Beyonce, ect...)
  8. yes"As the baby grows, so does the entire abdomen, including the lower pairs of ribs. These bones are designed to be able to move easily, partly for pregnancy. Depending on a woman's height and pre-pregnant body structure, there may be less room for the expanding abdomen in her rib cage, and those bones will permanently shift, thus changing shirt, bra, and/or dress sizes."
  9. as long as you own it bb! I predict this year you will have 3 potential hookups, but its up to you to pursue and one will turn into a relationship. ....sorry I just had a vision
  10. I had no idea you stanned for the true elusive chanteuse! What song or movie turned you on to her?
  11. I dont converse with homophobic ignorants. Bye.
  12. the Hilary positivity here among Britney fans is just amazing!!!