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When Strangers On Fb Write You And Ask All Personal Stuff

Mrs Jared Leto

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i mean i run a chris pine fanpage on facebook and even though i write EVERYWHERE that i am not chris, i get a  lot of messages asking if i'm the real chris (and even if i would be, i wouldnt tell them.... jesus), and yesterday that one girl wrote me and asked if i'm chris, i said no and she asked if we could be friends and i said yes. well now she messages me asking for bunch of personal stuff like love life (thats not even her business) and about my work and my age. i said i'm 24 (no lie) and she said she is 28, which i do not believe. she's from the phillipines and looks younger than 28. well if she is friend requesting me one day (which i doubt cause i have no where written who i am on that fb fanpage) then i'll def gonna deny the request :smokeney:




sometimes weirdos even write me on my personal facebook, asking weird question. i dont want strangers on my facebook friends tbh :frenchy:

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oh , and there was this guy from Perú liking all my pics and messaging me too :selenerz:

why do you have everyone viewable for everyone? i set everything on private or only for friends. to many weirdo on facebook. there were once two indian guys (i guess one dude or two friends) messaging me that they love me and we are now married and that they cant wait to do sexual stuff to me. i reported them for sexual harrassment and blocked them

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