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Mrs Jared Leto

When Strangers On Fb Write You And Ask All Personal Stuff

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i mean i run a chris pine fanpage on facebook and even though i write EVERYWHERE that i am not chris, i get a  lot of messages asking if i'm the real chris (and even if i would be, i wouldnt tell them.... jesus), and yesterday that one girl wrote me and asked if i'm chris, i said no and she asked if we could be friends and i said yes. well now she messages me asking for bunch of personal stuff like love life (thats not even her business) and about my work and my age. i said i'm 24 (no lie) and she said she is 28, which i do not believe. she's from the phillipines and looks younger than 28. well if she is friend requesting me one day (which i doubt cause i have no where written who i am on that fb fanpage) then i'll def gonna deny the request :smokeney:




sometimes weirdos even write me on my personal facebook, asking weird question. i dont want strangers on my facebook friends tbh :frenchy:

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