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Joshys Thread Of Complaining Lol ;)

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Sooo I'm bored at school, I've been in a very b**chy mood lately and I just keep making the :4music: face

Idk what it is, I think I'm just tired cuz I've been at tennis regionals all week and it's exhaustin and this week we go to state and I'm just pissed at all the bullsh*t from everyone on the team cuz everyone is fighting with everyone and stuff :zoomzoom: they still like me tho and idk why cuz I've just told them to f*ck off all week :tbh:

Also my data plan is about to run out so I haven't been able to get on here unless I use the wifi :tbh: so I haven't gotten to talk to y'all :crying1:

I'm falling behind at school cuz of all this tennis stuff and it's just a big sh*t fest tbh, I'm just ready to graduate probably. I already have senioritis and we're not even halfway through the school year :gloria: so anyways how have y'all been :trollney: I missed y'all all week :)

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