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I Think I Came Up With A Genus Idea

ooh la la

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i think i came up with a genus idea if i say so myself. so i always buy socks in a packet of five which are the same colour black for 2.50 euro so i won't have odd socks. no shop sells multi pack socks all the same colour in any colour besides black and white. i find it annoying cos i like colour and you always see nice colour socks beside the dull black and white packs.then it hit me get the  white pack of socks and buy some clothes dye to make them all your favourite colour using dylon clothes dye that you see in shops.i have yet to try it no more boring black socks!!!

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wow that's interesting, where I live colorful socks, colorful socks with designs, all kinds of socks :P  are sold in every clothing store

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