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A reminder to myself.



Wassup hoe, if you readin this, you probably faded :queenflopga:

Anyway :queenflopga: I'm writing to ourself to remind you to do some shit :queenflopga: cause yo dumbass probably gonna forget.


When you get yo lenovo thinkpad e555 fixed (if it isn't already 2h3y152.jpg )

Here's a list of shit you gotta do :queenflopga: Fuck it up hoe :queenflopga:

  • Refilter the main vocals from Stronger. You did it once before, but do it again and do it better :queenflopga:
  • After filtering those vocals, apply them over the official instrumental again, because last time you did it, it had too much fucking reverb + other effects and you fucked it up :queenflopga:
  • Refilter the main vocals from Lucky. Even tho it's gonna be hard because the goddamn TV track is in Mono :ashley: 
  • Try to remaster the Lucky TV track with the official instrumental, or even try to filter the TV track vocals. Idk. I'm faded boo :queenflopga: You probably is too :queenflopga: 
  • Remaster your Piece of Me Studio Verison so it sounds better :queenflopga: Kosmik who? :queenflopga:
  • Start the HD FFT project (if the torrent ever starts downloading tbh :queenflopga:)
  • And leak Rebellion :queenflopga:

Okay bye hoe it's time for Hyrule Warriors,  you betta make some progress before you read this in the future :queenflopga:

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