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Fuck the Wii U.

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So I have a semi-hacked Wii U - I say semi hacked, because the most we have is a web browser exploit that launches homebrew, giving the ability to run backups off the SD card.


Now, this is all fine and dandy, I set up my SD card, and I ran the exploit. Boom. Been playing Hyrule Warriors for a long ass minute now. (That game is so fucking good) 209n329.jpg


Anyway so after a while I got bored with it because I finished (a majority) of it and couldn't get the DLC.


DLC still doesn't work with the backup loader correctly - and the DLC for Hyrule Warriors is locked to each system, so there's no way to pirate the DLC from Hyrule Warriors.


I was like, fuck, okay, I'll just buy it.





I bought the DLC and I googled how to make it work with the official game, and I have to do some sort of "dump" to my computer and do some hex editing or some shit just to get the DLC on my SD Card.


BUT WAIT, It gets better.


To get the DLC 'dump' to start, I have to start the program that launches the dump, then go into the game.

...This doesn't work with the backup loader




So I went out and bought the disc for Hyrule Warriors. Fuck it. Badass game.






So now I have to figure out how to transfer saves from the backup loader to the actual console, because the backup loader only launches through Mii Maker, so the console thinks you're playing Mii Maker, so all the saves you make are on the SD card, and not the actual console. They're also in a different format.





Apparently there's a program that can transfer saves, but I'm still trying to figure out how to make it work, bitch 13z2tdt.jpg


Anyway, there's my frustration.

Fuck the Wii U. 13z2tdt.jpg

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