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Who remember those iconic classics?


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It all started started when Iggy got pissed with her label for pushing the release of her single Pu$$y so she decided to be naughty flawless and leak it herself   :tomh:

(there was also 'My World' but nobody cares about that song)



It was a single from her EP 'Ignorant Art', released in September 2011.




She then first debuted on the charts with 'Beatdown' collaborating with Steve Aoki.

Let's not forget classics such as Murda Bizness either.


The year after she dropped another EP called 'Trap Gold', in October 2012. 




and looked absolutely stunning in her music video from the EP..




let's not forget her flawless beginnings  :yeathatswhatsup:

I'm so excited to see her live in Birmingham next Saturday!  :clap:

justice for Ignorant Art & Trap Gold

looking up north while you touching down south, yeah



:Godney: :Godney: :Godney:



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