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Slayyyter is giving us what we need during this hard time.

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I know I've posted about her before, but I love her more and more each day.

She gained popularity after a few YouTube pop demos. Normal stuff. 

She started getting more recognition after being affiliated with genre / label PC Music.


To describe PC Music is... Difficult. It's like electric, Nightcore, dubstep, trap, and pop all in one.


More popular PC music artists include; SOPHIE, Kim Petras, Charli XCX, and their collaborators.


The official description is...

The label is known for its surreal or exaggerated take on pop music, often featuring pitch-shifted, feminine vocals and bright, synthetic textures.


While Slayyyter isn't signed to the label, the label's general fanbase tends to approve of Slayyyter.


Slayyyter has constantly tweeted about Britney, and even covered Everytime.

(Which most people panned, as it has auto-tune, not understanding that it was there for a reason.)


Various examples of her work, with different sounds...


The fan favorite, and first breakout, the party hard, blackout inspired, Daddy AF 😍


Her 2nd most popular, a more simple pop song, Mine.



And for the more sexual and nasty... 🍬 Candy


Check her out. She gives very Britney vibes, but is a bit more extreme and low budget. I worship her, I swear the AOBeats mix of Mine is perf ❤️

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