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I have the gifs, can someone provide the technique/advice?

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So I have 9 gifs for a MP sig to be arranged in a 3x3 style. There are 4 gifs with words that should be in the four corners that change words to make the lyrical sentences. The door opening gif goes in the middle and the other 4 color gifs goes on the center gif's sides. I have them all made, the problem is that i dont think theyll fit right and there ends up being like 7 or 8 lines with one gif each instead of 3 lines with 3 gifs. Idk if I should just resize them or if I should just scrap the idea. Can someone give me advice? Thanks :) Here are the gifs:











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You will probably need to make them a little smaller to make them all fit, and also make sure they're all the same size because otherwise they won't line up properly. I can fix them up for you, if you want.

Thanks for the advice! I realized after I made this thread that I'd have to resize them all, so I did and now it looks so cool :awww: thanks for always being helpful and cool about my sig issues :kisskiss:

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