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Tech geeks, where you at? My fried laptop might have resurrected itself.

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So do you all remember a few months ago, when I just moved in with my dad?

My cats had knocked over a cup of water while I was sleeping and it got onto my laptop.

It was fucked. Windows was acting buggy as fuck, barely operational. Computer ran slow as fuck, took nearly 2 hours(?) just to sign into my local WIndows 10 account. (Meaning boot up to my desktop.) Only HALF of the keyboard worked. I was surprised it worked long enough for me to do an emergency backup with an external hard drive.


So I just turned it on for the first time in nearly 3 months.

It's acting... Perfectly normal 2s9y4c0.jpg2h3y152.jpg

The keyboard works. Windows 10 running normally, just like on this replacement laptop my mother sent me. (I'm probably about to send it back because I cut her off tbh.)

But regardless, it seems to be working fine... Just a little slow on startup...? 2h3y152.jpg


Just to be safe, I took it apart. There was no visible water, no warped computer parts... Just some dust. 2h3y152.jpg


Checking with Advanced System Care, my CPU jumps from 9 to 100 during start, but on average,  stays around 30%.

The strange part,for Disk, it is CONSTANTLY  jumping over the place from 0% to 100% 2h3y152.jpg

I don't remember what it was like before. But I mean... It seems to be working now? 2h3y152.jpg

I tested the USB ports, SD slot, volume, etc... It works perfectly.


But something about the CPU / Disk use (according to Advanced System Care 8) is bothering me.

Am I overreacting? Is my beloved Lenovo back to life? :yasqueen:


I'm not sure how water damage affects a laptop, so I wanted to ask for your opinions, Universe. 

I hope you guys have more experience than I do in this field.


It's not often I ask for tech advice, take the opportunity while you can :queenflopga: 

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