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I Need A Valium

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a couple of hours ago i was driving to the beach with my family,it was a good road the speed limit was 80km. well the car in-front of me stopped right in front of going 80km with out any warning or indication. i jammed on the breaks and had to swerve to the left grass margin in order to avoid hitting the back of him. the he decides to turn left in like the space of a second meaning now again he is right in my path by the grace of god i managed to stop and didn't hit him. he was turning left into a house he drove straight in to the house and didn't even stop to see if we were okay. at this stage i was parked on the hard shoulder with my hazard lights on. the family who were driving behind stopped to see if we were okay after  what went on they saw it all and the woman was so nice and gave me a slice of pizza.she said good driving for stopping an accident from happening and said a lessor driver would have hit him.the fella who caused the accident disappeared into the house/driveway the woman said take time to let the shock go then we went on our way.i think the reason now thinking back why he scampered away might have been that he may have been drunk like he didn't show any awareness about what had happened and didn't react in anyway it is a bank holiday so he might have been drunk.i think i actually have delayed shock it's weird for the like last couple of hours a weird state of calm has come over me, everyone else was freaking out . so advise for anyone else fuck the speed limit drive very slow you can't trust other people on the road and keep a huge space difference.

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