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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, so we are doing a project, every week we will give out an artist that is very talented with a very likeable music, but not as famous as he/she should be. This week we will kick off with an insanely talented Indila and her song that has over 100 million views but still not as quite famous (worldwide) as she deserves to be! "Mini World" is the debut album of the French singer Indila. It was firstly released on February 24, 2014. Tracklist : 1. Derniere Danse * 2. Tourner Dans Le Vide * 3. Love Story 4. S.O.S * 5. Comme un Bateau 6. Run Run * 7. Ego 8. Boite en Argent 9. Tu ne m'entends pas 10. Mini World * *** You should really want to listen these. They are great!!! Her 3rd single is S.O.S Adila Sedraïa (born June 26, 1984), better known by her stage name Indila, is a French R&B singer and songwriter.[1] She has collaborated with other French musicians such as Nessbeal, Rohff, TLF, Soprano and Youssoupha and has co-written with them in addition to co-writing with or for M. Pokora, Admiral T, DJ Abdel and Axel Tony. "Dernière danse", released in December 2013, charted in France reaching the SNEP Top 2. Her follow-up single "Tourner dans le vide" has made it to the French Top 10. And remember, music speaks a universal language, you dont need to understand it to enjoy it. Music brings everything together! We are doing this together with my dear @Blackjack .. My special thanks to him for his helps making this thread. Thank you babe, love you And we want to add that if you know of some artist you find very talented and underrated, please let us know in the inbox! Dont forget to support us and push this flawless project! Thanks... p.s : we're doing lady gaga next week, she needs some relevance
  2. What songs are you listening to, or you can't get enough of? Suggest a song, recommend an album, introduce an artist, or just list your favorite tracks at the moment that you are listening to on your iTunes, Spotify, or even on the radio! Right now I am simply addicted to I'll Be There For You by The Rembrandts -- that's right, it's the FRIENDS theme song! I am rewatching the series right now, and I just can't get enough of this great track. It's so wonderfully 90s and makes me feel warm and fuzzy which I really need right now as I look for a decent job. Perfect theme song tbh! What are you listening to???
  3. Hi y'all! Just wanted to share this track I recorded out of fun for my love I produced it, wrote it, sung it, recorded it lol. I was kinda inspired by Beyonce's music lol so thats why it sounds kinda RnB. Lyrics is in the link Please tell me what yout think https://soundcloud.com/videvuletic13/vide-our-private-ball