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Found 17 results

  1. Hi y'all, Since this used to be my original topic on another not2be named Brinni fansite I decided to move this down here. This is a positive thread and I hope you enjoy it. All of the images can be found on the first page of this topic so far. For some you might need to scroll down. - wearing the same dress - wearing the same shoes (IWG video & harpers bazaar) - wearing the DLNBTLTK shorts - wearing the same dress at her engagement party & gma promo - wearing the same dress in glamour & harpers bazaar - wearing the same pants in overprotected darkchild remix & in London while she arrives at the hotel - wearing the same bra in glamour & criminal music video (ps. not sure) - wearing the same top - wearing the same sunglasses & pink bag - wearing the same weddingdress
  2. Do you prefer: Shelly Peiken Demo: Joanna Pacitti Demo: Or, Britney Spears: Let me know!!
  3. I think Britney's vocals on SMS (Bangerz) were so cute! She brought an angelic element to the album that that girl Miley Cyrus just couldn't bring with her sexed up lyrics. Britney was also really like, a feminist on that song and I think that was really cool, also! I think that Britney is a really good feminist because she's smart and quirky but she's also really, like, she works it! She's just so amazing. Anyway, I think they're her best vocals. She sounds really beautiful but there's a sexy element too which makes it really fun. Opinions?
  4. "Whether she’s jet-setting across Europe to promote her vintage, feminine and intimate line of Lingerieney, supplying Britishney lessons in London or simply sneaking away to the Philippines (REFERENCE), the Legendary Miss Britney Spears is constantly banking some serious coin — and now, the bank is only getting BIG-GAH." Check the full article here: http://www.muumuse.com/2014/10/britney-spears-is-making-so-much-more-money-than-you-its-not-even-funny.html/
  5. Idk if this is AP, but Ariana Grande did an acoustic mash-up of Britney Spears live with Emma Hunton back when she was still on Victorious. Her vocals are great! She looks wonderful. Check it out.
  6. Want to be Britney and Justin for Halloween? Check this out http://www.mtv.com/news/1965145/britney-spears-justin-timberlake-denim-halloween-costume/?xrs=MAIN_ST0
  7. I've just posted new Britney edit on my Tumblr! Click here to see: http://nyctophiliacheaven.tumblr.com/image/100228232027 And post your Tumblr pages or edits if they're connected with Britney
  8. "Don't worry Britney, it happens to the best of us. Britney Spears had another little concert mishap during a recent Piece of Me show in Las Vegas, when she missed a step during her performance of "I'm a Slave 4 U" and noticeably stumbled. But Britney, 32, admirably recovered like a pro, and hardly missed a beat. This isn't the first time a Piece of Me performance has gone a little awry. The show has been running off and on since December 27, with 44 total performances so far. In December, Britney's glittery jumpsuit popped open in the back, threatening to expose a little bit too much of the pop princess during a performance of "Circus." But her new bob hairstyle is totally working for her, no? One thing's for sure, Britney's super-relatable ways -- including this latest stumble -- is one of the reasons we love her." Click here: http://www.etonline.com/music/152435_britney_spears_takes_a_tumble_on_stage_during_piece_of_me_tour/index.html
  9. Britney is constantly in the Media, usually being reflected on in a negative way. I AM SICK OF IT. People judge her and fail to realize how much she's done for her fans. So I thought, why not put together stories of fans from across the world whose lives have been impacted by Britney! Has Britney impacted your life in some way? I would love to hear your story! Please help me show the world the amazing, genuine, caring Britney we all love Please send stories to: [email protected] Also, when sending stories please include your name (twitter username if you prefer) and Location. Stay tuned, toxicstephy_x0
  10. Just wanted to let you all know I have just uploaded some photo's from both Britney shows I went to Since I went to two shows you can see the view from general admission seats as well as the meet and greet vip package. Check it out
  11. I'll just say she was BEAUTIFUL up close, and her body is PERFECT and just like everyone says she's so tiny, like very compact... kind of like a smart car SHE DANCES SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME ITS MUCH SHARPER IN PERSON AND HER PRESENCE IS OUT OF THIS WORLD Also I met Zac Brazenas, Willie Gomez and Chase Benz at the bar outside of the AXIS theater, and got pics with them I chatted with zac and willie and they're as sweet as they are gorgeous! i talked to them about being a ballroom dancer and they were just nice overall Chase is very nice as well, he was chatting with his manager about his baby I also met Felicia, and I took a bunch of pictures with her, i was so excited! She's literally like the sweetest lady ever, i told her how britney inspired me to dance and how she helps me with my depression and axiety and she gave me a reallly sweet speech! I walked up to Jason trawick too who went in to the theater with Bryan then came out and chilled at the halo bar... I asked for a picture but he said that he feels embarassed when people do that, he doesn't like it because he's not famous and then he shook my hand and said "Hi I'm Jason" ... And the stans i met in line were the greatest I was there with @gimmerichboi @tavoalmen @chrisboyalvarez @yeni31 and @angiefatale VIDEOS: WORK BITCH GIMME MORE CIRCUS LUCKY SLAVE 4 U/ FREAKSHOW/DO SOMETHING TOXIC/STRONGER/CRAZY/TOXIC
  12. It's the best era ever Those Iconic single choices The Flawless music videos (Womanizer , Circus , IUSA) Also it's the era that made me a stan and a fan I was 11 when Circus was released And this album is still super fresh and no matter how much I listen to it I never get bored of it tbh Also the best selling tour in 2009 and the fifth best selling tour of all time by a female artist Great performances on TV and great promo Amazing album sales and don't forget No.1 Charting album Womanizer got a No.1 on Billboard Slay me Queen Britney !!!! Super awesome tour tbh
  13. Britney Spears is No.4 on FHM sexiest females of all time! Slaying the biz industries since 1981! I love how Britney is still relevant and will always be relevant! She is on the top 5 yay! Reciepts : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2647862/Rachel-Stevens-crowned-FHMs-Sexiest-Woman-All-Time.html http://www.emirates247.com/entertainment/top-10-sexiest-women-of-all-time-rachel-stevens-jen-lopez-2014-06-04-1.551488
  14. So i was reading Muumuse & I came across his awesome review/recap of I Am Britney Jean, I also read an article on NewBritneyology Called But are we downhearted? Both are very interesting views on what has kind of been lost but gained during this Britney Jean era - especially as far as Britney : The Person is concerned, I feel that she's sort of reached her hand out to her fans more, if not forever but at least momentarily - she's been sharing a lot lately (ignore the odd interviews) and honestly I'm inspired For me IABJ truly was a wonderful & surprising reminder of why I'm a Britney spears fan I was wondering for you as fans how does it balance out? Technically, commercially this era has been her worst but for my personally it's been one of the best I'd like to know where people stand on this era after seeing her Vegas performances, IABJ, listening to BJ in full, etc. P.S. I hope i don't get in trouble but here are the links to both articles http://www.muumuse.com/2013/12/i-am-britney-jean-remembrance-of-who-she-is-review.html/ http://www.newbritneyology.com/?p=484