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Ty based Lara, my personal whine space is back.



I'm so happy :crying1: cause now I don't have to blow up the no holds barred section whenever I wanna talk some shit 15h6y9.jpg




Life has been weird lately and I haven't been able to fill anyone up.


My car died about two weeks ago. For good. So I found a new one within 4 days at a used car dealership.

So I've been able to stay on my pizza grind 11m6vwg.jpg


I got my health insurance fixed, so I can see a doctor about my redbull addiction :goaway: 

My kidneys literally hurt unless I drink redbull :moorangu:

But anyway, work is going fine. I'm trying to scrape up more hours because I have so many bills to pay. Health insurance, car insurance, car loan, then my dad wanting me to pay for the difference in the water and electric bill :moorangu:


I have to rely on my tips for my weed, and I got a coworker that gives me some fire ass weed for the same prices as Florida 2ho9vfk.jpg


So I've been enjoying myself. Getting high. Working. Paying my bills. Being the responsible stoner society says doesn't exist 2rzb62q.jpg




But who's to say I exist in the first place 2rzb62q.jpg


I've been contemplating the theories of existence and what it means to "be" lately. Or maybe I've been listening to too much of miley cyrus and her dead petz ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Regardless, I'm doing so much better than I was in Florida. I'm more stable here. I don't have any friends besides my coworkers, but I'm okay with that. The closest things I have to friends are my dad's ex wife and her best friend, which is also his current crush.


My dad is the shit y'all :yasqueen: 

I'm trying to grind for my next paycheck because I need new speakers in my new car, because the old ones are blown and crack when it gets over a certain volume. Which is annoying.

But I'm hoping my dad will find some cheap ones and just let me pay him back with my tips. (Like I do the water / electric.)


And then I can spoil myself with this kickass neon genesis evangelion snapback 2ho9vfk.jpg


But yeah. I'm okay. Things are sorta normal. Ish. 2h3y152.jpg




How y'all doing unigay? :queenflopga:


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