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So I got shot at last night.



So I was delivering pizza and I couldn't find this person's house.

It was dark, raining really bad, and I couldn't see any house numbers, and they didn't have any on their mailbox :thefuck: and they argued with me saying they did.

They were rude to me on the phone when I called them and asked for help finding their house, and I wasn't having that, so even tho I got a tip, I gave them back exact change :queenflopga: 

For those who don't know, drivers NEVER give back exact change unless it's an insult. I can be petty. I made $45 last night, $74 tonight :queenflopga:

Either way, I had to back out of their long ass driveway, which my new truck could barely get through because it was so fucking overgrown.

So I found a patch of dirt that I thought I could turn around in. And then my truck gets stuck :moorangu:


So there I am. Stuck in mud at an angry customer's house.

The said angry customer (well, one of them) came up and said I was stuck in his dad's garden and he was gonna be pissed.

I literally said I could care less, I have more important things to worry about 15h6y9.jpg the fuck out of here.

Idgaf if I fucked up your garden, there wasn't shit growing in it. if they want a nice looking driveway, they should trim their trees tbh 15h6y9.jpg

So while I'm stuck, I call my dad and then call the store to let them know I won't be back right away.


So I'm on the phone with my manager, and a big truck passes, and fires two gunshots 2s9y4c0.jpg

And then I hear some young adult males screaming about how I got stuck in the mud and the only clear sentence I could hear was "Are you fuckin serious?" 2s9y4c0.jpg

And then another two gunshots 2s9y4c0.jpg


So my manager was like, "Seth, call the police. Now." :pieceofwhat:


So I did. And by then I was anxiety mode, shaking, crying, the whole 9 yards :moorangu:


Ironically, my dad got lost and never showed up. The cop did, but he didn't do anything about the people firing bullets.


Their excuse was "This is out here in the country, people do that kind of thing."


















This isn't the fucking country. I'm from the fucking country.

North Carolina is along the East Coast. I'm from the awkward part of Florida underneath Alabama.


How you gonna try and say that's country????? 2h3y152.jpg I literally fucking grew up in the country and I've never had that happen to me before.


So basically everyone acted like I just overreacted. The people who fired the shots played innocent and pulled me out with their redneck truck. And inside I was like :thefuck: but on the outside I was like :goaway: thank u

My boss came up off the clock to make sure I wasn't hurt, cause all he heard from the manager on duty was "shots fired", and he got scared, so that was sweet of him.

But on the downside he did have to apologize to the customers that were rude af to me in the first place, and give them free shit :ashley: but whatever, I don't have to pay for it :queenflopga:

And they didn't even notice I threw a redbull can in their driveway 15h6y9.jpg




But yeah.

Crazy fucking night last night.

After that I went out with my dad and his friends and got really drunk and pretended that nothing ever happened 15h6y9.jpg



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