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Lana del Rey & Lou Reed was gonna happen :crying2:


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:crying2::crying5:  Lana's song off of her new album "Ultraviolence" Brooklyn Baby was supposed to feature former singer of the Velvet Underground, Warhol acolyte, father of all alternative music, and all-around musical legend/god/higher power Lou Reed.


"I took the red eye, touched down at 7am...and two minutes later, he died."


Guys, God Reed is my musical idol and I can't believe this didn't happen! GAH THE SONG WOULD BE SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH BETTA





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i'm blaming you for telling me this :crying5: how dare u :crying1:



but i can make itthrough the rain, i can stand up once again, on my own, and i know, that i'm strong enough to mend i wish i was dead too :crying4:


I'm sorry, you were gonna learn somehow it was best I broke it to you :crying5: lets just :hug: and try and make it through this in one emotional piece :crying1:

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