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A New Pixar Movie!

Josie Jean

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ia Pixar is great


Pixar by far makes better quality CG movies than any other studio


I love the Toy Story's, Monsters Inc, Tangled, Incredibles, Nemo, Bug's Life, and Wall E

Up was sad. And I don't remember Brave, but I think it was decent. Frozen was pretty good.


and the old school Disney animation and Studio Ghibli Miyazaki films I also love.


Like feel good movies w heart, that are actually good for all ages. 

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nice , latelty pixar is doing it wrong


  • Brave .. ugh
  • Cars 2... bye
  • and coming soon cars 3 ... fkn bye

not a fan of the trilogies or second parts...

i need new stories new everything tbh 

Toys Story trilogy is flawless though. The only thing i don't like is Cars. I never watched Cars 2 because I didn't love Cars 1. Not interested in Cars 3 either. Brave was not bad; it was quite good. 

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