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Tinashe -- Aquarius.

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Anyone else heard her album?


Hardly considered myself a fan, didn't really like "2 On" despite her performing her ass off in the video, but this album has turned me into one.  I love her voice she can deliver both a thin, sexy pop vocal and belt in full voice.  My only complaint for her big debut is I wish the hooks were stronger and there were more bops but do like how R&B based and driven it is.  My faves:  "Aquarius," "Bet," "Cold Sweat," "How Many Times," "Feels like Vegas," "Bated Breath," and "Wildfire."    

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I have her 3 mixtapes & LOVED "2 On" & "Pretend"

I'm waiting til it's officially released so I can play it on spotify since my laptop would probably get laggy after a few tracks on yt.

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"Pretend" has grown on me so much, but don't think it should have been a single.  The Best Buy bonus exclusive track "Watch me Work"  is a pretty catchy bop.  The album is projected to do between 17-20k this week, nonetheless it's a good album and she's been getting a lot of praise for her work.  



ETA:  I just watched her perform on Jimmy Kemmel Live and she is great.  Vocally she is well above the Ciara, Cassie comparisons and it's a shame she isn't getting a major promo budget from RCA.  Now I'm watching radio interviews, her appearance on 106th & Park, and she's both very sweet & cute.  I'm damn near in stan mode.    

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