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Going To Vegas In Oct & I Need Advice

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I am super excited to be going. My sister is paying for everything the flight tickets & Hotel, it only cost 752$ for the package deal, I know am a spoiled brother, (owe her hugely) but anyway's I kind of want to keep it at a low budget when I get down there, and I am only bringing 400 american at the bank in Canada they wanted 400.55 dollars for the 400 american $ like your guys dollar has gone up. :wahlykeomg:


Okay getting to the point sorry for the rambling :o but ,ya , got any tips for food, entertainment? Show's ect, ect, ect.... Tyler told parts of it abt the 24/7 bus service and that Vegas attractions are a walking distances which is nice but I need your guys input also on the NY NY roller-coaster. 



P.s going from Oct 27-30 got my medical insurance n everything. No I also won't be seeing Britney sadly (so that's why this wasn't in the Britney thread) but she extended Vegas till 2017 so I should be able to see her one of those years.   

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