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Let's All Share Our Britney Doll Collection!

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In honor of me purchasing my first britney doll, after hours of browsing on Ebay I settled on the Joy Of Pepsi Britney with suspenders. I have just started my doll collection but lets all share our collections i bet yours is grander than mine. (BTW does anybody know where I can find the red lucky doll with long hair for a reasonable price.

Pic of My Doll ( she gets here next week): 


There are tons of variants so she wont look exactly like that.

Anyways share your collection Universe :) :bigsmile:  :kisskiss:

Update: (It took me a month to do so, but now I have 3 dolls twice, once to keep in box, and the second ones to unbox :D )

Pics Of Unboxed Ones (The Boxed ones are in my basement :gloria: )


Left to right:

Pepsi Suspenders, Cowgirl OIDIA tour, INAGNYAW (her skirt broke)

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