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I Put Britney's Old Nose Back On


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aww i love her old nose. it makes me sad that she didn't think it was good enough. your edit is good, but you forgot to make her bridge a bit thicker. like where her eyebrows meet her nose. i don't know how to explain haha. anyway good job


In the picture I used her bridge was the same, I think she just had the tip of her nose pinched.

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Bruh... I contour and highlight and it does not make your nose suddenly smaller in size. It makes it look thinner, yes. we all know she had rhinoplasty done. It's obvious.

Fixed :ohhi:


And: Seriously? Cuz to me it ain't obvious. It she had that done it had to be during her Britney - ITZ hiatus, cuz we have no pictures or rumors or nothing! 

It does look thinner now, but her curvy nose end (?) still remains the same. :mhm:

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