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One Direction - Steal My Girl

Lady Lisa

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Meh, it's very average, especially as a lead single. The lyrics sucks, almost all of their songs have the same shitty ass lyrics. They need to change it up a bit. Main riff sounds identical to another song. Vocal production is bad. Louis is still trying to sing.


Fireproof is so much better, but it's a shame they haven't continued to evolve from Best Song Ever because that is their best song ever. It was a little more mature but still very fun and poppy, and the lyrics were a bit more playful and not the typical sappy shit they keep singing about.


They're trying too hard to be "cool" and gain more respect from males, which I can understand because most of their female fans are idiots, but it's just coming off as pathetic as they rip off other bands tbh.

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