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Not Selling But Do Any Of You Do Britney Ooak Doll Commisions


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Hey Everyone,

I think this is in the wrong section but I didn't know where to put it. Do any of you do Britney doll commisions with full repaint, and reroots, plus the outfits. I am interested in outfits such as the Ringleader jacket,(including POM corset), the circus tour Do Somethin/ 3rd Opening Outfit golden leotard/ corset, the POM blackout section, and tree sections, or the Onyx Hotel Tour BOMT outfit BTW im not asking for all of them but which one could you do. Could you also please give me estimated pricing, and time lapse of making the doll. Thank you :kisskiss:

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i do. i use only moxie teenz though... if you never saw them then google what that is. they are jointed and poseable. i make polymer clay dolls too. i made a slave one last year. sorry, i'm kind of expensive though because of the exteme detail and i sew the outfits by hand. how much is your budget?

I love moxie teenz I was going more for a actuall britney doll but Moxie teenz are amazing. Oh and my budget is around 150-200

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