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Favorite Song On Each Mariah Carey Album?


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So the title is pretty self explanatory. :lmaolol: Just what's your favorite song on each of Mariah Carey's albums? You don't have to put Christmas albums. :pieceofwhat:

Mariah Carey - Vanishing

Emotions - Emotions

Musicbox - Dreamlover

Daydream - Looking In/Always Be My Baby

Butterfly - The Roof

Rainbow - Heartbreaker/Petals

Glitter - Never Too Far

Charmbracelet - Through The Rain

The Emancipation Of Mimi - We Belong Together

E=MC2 - Touch My Body/For The Record/Love Story/Bye Bye (I'm indecisive :crying2: )

Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel - Angels Cry

The Elusive Chanteuse - Heavenly/TAOLG/Dedicated

So there. I know most of mine are singles, but her singles are great. There's a reason she has 18 #1's. :bigtime:

So your turn. :pieceofwhat:

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I don't own each album :eek2: sooo I'm gonna just pick my faves off the 4 I do (not including the fab Christmas ones ;) )


Butterfly (my first Mariah CD!!! :bigsmile: ) - Butterfly, My All, Whenever you call

Charmbracelet- I only wanted, Bringing on the Heartbreak, Through the Rain (both versions)

Rainbow- Can't take that away, After tonight, Against all odds (I thought it was a good cover) and Thank god I found you (I think it'd be really sweet as a couple's song :yestbh:)

Emancipation of Mimi- We belong together, Shake it out, It's like that/Circles/Joy Ride


Honorable mentions to: #Beautiful, Hero, Always be my baby, Obsessed




Now that this has turned into a top 20 list or 21, I guess I could've just picked my songs from each album based on random ones I heard....oh well, too late! :pieceofwhat: I'm done lol

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I'm skipping her first 2 albums because I only know the singles. So let's do this:


Music Box - Without You

Daydream - Open Arms

Butterfly - The Roof

Rainbow - Ex-girlfriend

Glitter - Lead The Way/Reflections

Charmbracelet - Bringin' On THe Heartbreak/Clown

The Emancipation Of Mimi - Stay the Night

E=MC2 - Migrate

Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel - Betcha Gon' Know

Me. I Am Mariah - You Don't Know What To Do

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Mariah Carey: Prisoner

Emotions: Emotions

Music Box: Without You

Daydream: Always Be My Baby

Butterfly: Breakdown

Rainbow: Against All Odds

Glitter: Lead The Way

Charmbracele: You Had Your Chance

TEOM: WBT/It's Like That

E=MC2: Migrate

Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel: Up Out My Face

Me. I Am Mariah: Faded/Thirsty


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