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Leonardo M.

How Can I Survive This?

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I don't know where to post this so... some mod just please move it to the right place...  :aww1:


I just wanna share with you guys... That I'm feeling sad all the fucking time  :crying1:


I was talking with a guy about 1 month and half... we were talking like every single day... and all the fucking time... When we were talking about 3 weeks... we still couldn't see each other in person... because it was my birthday... his birthday... my brother's birthday... And when we finally could meet... he just desappeared on weekend... and at night, he started posting pics at the club on instagram... I got really mad and sad  :boring:


So I said to him that I didn't want to stay with someone that stay with me the hole week and just disappear on weekend. He said that he understands... and we stopped talking for 1 week. He sent some message... and I answered... so after 1 week, we started talking again. 


He asked me out... I accept... We went to the movies and to a snack bar.  :thumbsup: But I'm too shy... we talked a lot at the snack bar... but we didn't kiss at the movies. 


So, he again desappeared about 2 days... and then I sent a message. He said that it was all good... But I'm too shy and him too... so he said that he didn't know if anything will gonna happen between us.  :crying5:


I feel really sad and bad about it... I cried a lot... I feel guilty and bad about being shy... I think I should be more cute... but I just can't be that cute at the first date.  :icanttt:  I wish I could... 


Then, I asked if he thinks that "we" don't worth anymore... Like, try again and etc... and he said: "sorry, but I don't think so"  :crying4:


And I feel so stupid, because I'm missing him a lot and feeling guilty... more stupid...   :crying2:


I'm sorry... I was needing to share it with someone.  ;(

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