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Hdd Predictions For Gaga: 125K In The Us.

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While Cheek 2 Cheek seems to be really underperforming in the UK (it didn't make it to the Top 10 in the Mid-Week chart) its US debut is looking out surprisingly positive. 


I personally expected something around 70-80K but HDD just posted their predictions. 


Kenny Chesney (Blue Chair/Columbia Nashville) 125-135k
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga (Interscope) 115-125k
Alt-J (Atlantic) 55-65k
Pentatonix (RCA) 40-50k
5 Seconds of Summer â€œAmnesia†EP (Capitol) 35-45k
Joe Bonamassa (J&R) 24-27k
Jackie Evancho (Sony Masterworks) 21-24k
Leonard Cohen (Columbia) 19-22k
Jennifer Hudson (RCA) 19-22k
Lenny Kravitz (Roxie) 17-20k
John Mellencamp (Republic) 12-15k


I'm surprised to see how Alt-J and Pentatonix are in for such a weak debut while their iTunes positions are way higher than Gaga's and they seem to be doing a lot better digitally. It'll be a close call between Chesney and Gaga. 125K and #2 is still better than Britney Jean and it's a jazz album. Hmm. 

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