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Flop Of The Pops Pls...

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are we allowed to drag and shit on a shit website? @Admins and creator? if not Im sorry


Lemme see, they are completely ageist when it comes to Madonna. but they praise Mariah and Beyonce. When Madonna and Britney have been shitting on careers for many decades gone, coming and at the moment.. They made fun of Britneys terrible time calling her slut and awful terrible names and calling her a mental attention whore.. Then they hate on Katy, Xtina, Gaga as usual but its not heavy as much as they attack Madonna and Britney fans :icanttt: its unacceptable.. they banned me coz i spilled the tea on why Britney shits all over Beyonce.. and Madonna is the ultimate goddess and show some goddamn respect.. 

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