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Your List For The Vanguards? 2010- Onwards


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2010- Eminem (hes an icon stay pressed)  :sorrynotsorry:

2011- Britney Spears (youngest artist to recieve the vanguard award)!  :P  QUEEN

2012- P!nk (like wtf) P!nk is iconic, and has the same status as Britney.. want recipets look at her discography and actually have a fucking open mind.. shes iconic and stay pressed..  :bomt:

2013- Pussy Timberlake (EWW!)  :sorrynotsorry:

2014- Bleachonce (EWWWWWWWWWWWW)!  :britney-arrow:  :britney-arrow:

2015- Usher or Jay-Z ( I can atleast stand the fugly camel Jay-Z   :thumbsup:

2016- Rihanna  :bigsmile:


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I would want Rihanna or Xtina to win it. As much as people call her basic, I think Katy Perry will when it eventually. Everyone knows the California gurls video. And dark horse. And roar. And LFN. I think Miley could win it in the future as well if she keeps making videos that get as much attention as wrecking ball and WCS. Love her or hate her it's true. :bigtime:

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