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Your List For The Vanguards? 2010- Onwards

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2010- Eminem (hes an icon stay pressed)  :sorrynotsorry:

2011- Britney Spears (youngest artist to recieve the vanguard award)!  :P  QUEEN

2012- P!nk (like wtf) P!nk is iconic, and has the same status as Britney.. want recipets look at her discography and actually have a fucking open mind.. shes iconic and stay pressed..  :bomt:

2013- Pussy Timberlake (EWW!)  :sorrynotsorry:

2014- Bleachonce (EWWWWWWWWWWWW)!  :britney-arrow:  :britney-arrow:

2015- Usher or Jay-Z ( I can atleast stand the fugly camel Jay-Z   :thumbsup:

2016- Rihanna  :bigsmile:


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