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Narcisissm At It's Finest

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My mom, grandma, and I are watching Beyonce and Jay Z's On The Run show on HBO. Why? My grandma cooked and I won't pass up her food even if that means I have to sit through this thing. Plus I'm curious :overitkbye:

5 minutes in and I'm drowning in cockiness. I accept Beyonce for her talents, but that ego isn't cute.

From a highly biased standpoint:

The production of the show and stage are great.

Beyonce appears to be singing live, but I'm not sure. She is good at deception.

She's shaking her ass, per usual. I want to see her do some Britney/Janet style dancing just to see if she can do something besides twerk.

I'll update if anything interesting happens.

Question: How do you feel about Beyonce? :nowaygif:

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