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Just Bought A Ps2!


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Haven't had a PS2 console in years!

Amazon had a cheap listing so i couldn't resist

:crying1:  :crying1:

I can't wait to play some old games

What are some of your favorite games on the console?

Some of mine.


Buffy Chaos Bleeds

The Warriors

Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 4 | The Room

Britney's Dance Beat

The Sims 2

Resident Evil Outbreak Series

RE Code Veronica

BloodRayne Series

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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ

YASS!! I've had a ps2 all these years :moorangu:

boy you better play Silent Hill 2 :frenchy:

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Guest Lᴜᴠ3�ɪ♥Hᴀᴛᴇ�ɪ


I have it haha.

I could never beat it tho :orangu: I'll play it again once i get the console.


really? how come? :surpriseney:

and yay :yay1:

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