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Pop Forum You Might Wanna Join

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Hey y'all, sorry for the spam but I promise it's worth the time. I want to introduce you guys to the board you've been waiting for ever since Exjail went to shit. A board with no rules, no bans, no suspensions, and no money hungry admins. Ever wanted to be able to post porn? Ever wanted to be as ruthless and explicit as you want? Ever wanted to have ACTUAL freedom of speech? Ever wanted to be able to post DL links and download new music, pictures, videos, of your favorite artists? Ever wanted to be able to have ACTUAL discussions with smart and logical members? Ever got tired of being banned on Exjail for the dumbest shit? UNIVERSE might be the answer!



Join UNIVERSE now! 



PS: We all LOVE Britney <3

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I cant even go on exfail anymore when someone wants to show me something there. It makes me sick that my clicks are making Jordan money, given how much of a fake douche he is. 


Plus the negativity there makes me angry. 



Universe is so much better and always will be.  :dealwitit:

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I thought you were going to promote a general pop forum, and I was going to punch you. But you only promoted the best forum about the only popstar/celebrity I care about so :hug:

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