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What songs are you listening to?!


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What songs are you listening to, or you can't get enough of? 


Suggest a song, recommend an album, introduce an artist, or just list your favorite tracks at the moment that you are listening to on your iTunes, Spotify, or even on the radio!



Right now I am simply addicted to I'll Be There For You by The Rembrandts -- that's right, it's the FRIENDS theme song!  :thatsfunny:  I am rewatching the series right now, and I just can't get enough of this great track. It's so wonderfully 90s and makes me feel warm and fuzzy which I really need right now as I look for a decent job. Perfect theme song tbh!


What are you listening to???  :fab:  

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Well as you all know I invest a lot of time in rock music. This whole week (as I am typing this) has been fully dedicated to Stratovarius, a fantastic Finnish band that plays progressive power metal.


I know that probably no one will listen to this song... but if you want to hear something different for... let's say... 11 minutes, try this awesome song: Elements


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