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Should Ariana Grande Gtfo?


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She's tried twice now to make a dent into the orbit of pop relevancy but even by strangling music outlets to faux stan for her, she can't. She just can't. You tried. One song peaking at #2 is your consolation prize. Learn more facial expressions on your way out :bai:

more like learn to be a woman...shes like 25 and acts like shes 13  :bai:

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True, I was meaning more her music than her. Ariana's worse byyyyyyy far. I just want Katy's music to mature a bit :aintevenmad:

oh katy does have mature music :) her management wont let her release mature singles  :aintevenmad:


Im very proud of miley saying fuck you to disney and released Wrecking Ball..


Selena and Ari pls.. demi dont even eww

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Your sister sounds like a stupid bitch. But what else do you expect from a Beyawnce stan?

so true...

she said she'd have Beyonce for president and im like bitch you need to see a doctor or some shit ny133.gif

thats this shitty generation for you :icanttt: like I love britney my older sister loves p!nk but we never ever said we wanted them as president..


and sis you did not just call her a stupid bitch :gloria: nvm its true :gloria:

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