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Question About Britney Dolls.

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me and " @I Just Want More" are like the resident

Britney doll experts on here and neither of us know!

Well one day I came across 

a picture of a Britney doll in a Britney shirt! on !!!


The shirt has the picture of  



On it, and then it has her name written underneath it. 

If I find a picture of the doll, Ill let anyone know, but 

I wanted to know if anyone else knew where the doll came from, 

if it was a prototype or what. 



Any help would be gladly appreciated! 

I need this doll! lol 


Update: The doll on the left 

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7670336068/in/[email protected]/


Id ask the poster on flickr, but I dont have a flickr account & cant make one because Im at work :/ 

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