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Britney Vs. Beyonce

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This basically sums it all up :P



eww @Beyonce eww just fucking gross


Britney cant sing um do you want me to bring up I cant get no satisfaction?




Britney's dancing vs Beyonce's dancing




Need I say more?


Fans? you bleachonce fans ask?

Well all yall fuckers claim that Beyonce sold 850k in her first week, well bitch Britney sold 1.5 Million copies WW so sit you fake ass down.. Britney is the the only female artist with 1.5 Million first week.. Not even Whitney Houston Madonna or Janet could pull that off... see how Britney shattered the legends records... now fuck off bleachonce fans... if you get hurt when we come for your 40 year old fave imagine how it hurts us when you attack britney and us




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