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Madonna Crossed The Line, Seriously, This Is Extremely Offensive (Blasphemy At Its Peak!)

Guest Zooey Deschanel

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Guest Zooey Deschanel

Madonna's new song ''Holy Water''



''Holy Water

On her 1992 album Erotica, Madonna confessed about one of her favorite fat-free meals.

Well, she’s back: “Baby you should get down low and drink my precious alcohol.â€

Penned by Madonna, Martin Kierszenbaum and Natalia Kills, “Holy Water†is basically a shameless song about enjoying the pleasures of oral sex on the receiving end.

Madonna repeats “bitch get off my poleâ€, and compares the taste of her juice to a religous symbol: “Don’t it taste like Holy Water?â€

It’s probably the most overtly sexual track we listened to.''




so I'll explain it from my point of view.


i believe in God, in Holy Trinity. Sometimes i go to church, and i pray everyday. i am not a Bible freak and i

am not the person who can quote it and stuff. but having something bigger than you in your life, who loves you and all the people is actually nice. Holy water is used in my church for blessing things (cross necklaces, crosses, even houses. if you watched exorcisms, its even used there!) i cant ... comparing something as holy and precious to believers to nothing but an oral sex is more than blasphemous!



she should stop mocking religion! i am not, lets say, a Jehovah witness. do i mock them because i'm not a part of them? No, actually i dont care. am i a Muslim? no, and i dont mock them.


if she's not part of Catholicism she should seriously stop mocking us. this is extremely disgusting and blasphemous.



i'm pissed

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I'm religious as well.. But who cares? This whole gimmick has been done by her already and by many others. It's not shocking or boundary pushing anymore. It's just.. desperate? I don't know, people who use the catholic religion to shock people now a days are like 10 years too late. Not to mention the bitch is senial and this whole sexual image is beyond pathetic lol. And this is coming from somebody who is actually a fan

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the only thing is... madonna can do something outrageous and make it iconic.........

i think this is not really like offensive... everything this days if you take it to a religious way is offensive... BOM, TOMH, work bitch, Toxic



so cmmon it's pop culture... it not the PBS or the religious channel ... 

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