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Did Anyone Else See The "brittany Murphy Story"?


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Long Read Alert:

A movie of her life was on lifetime the other night (A sappy American channel) and although it was unintentionally hilarious, I can't help wonder was it disrespectful to her and the life she led? I give it points for a lead actress, (who quite frankly was never going to do a good job) trying her all. The irony was not lost on me when someone told "Brittany" that her career has been unjust given her being just about poorly typecasted in just about everything. But this in no way made this actress any more relatable to Brittany Murphy. I didn't know when to laugh or feel insulted from start to finish. It was just awful and not the tribute she deserved. I loved Brittany Murphy. I loved her before it was cool and she didn't deserve to have her life spun in a way for simply profit. Aside for the poor casting it just failed to show how special and the amount of quality she brought to everything. It was completely unbelievable to the point where I feel like I saw something completely different to the actual "Brittany Murphy Story."

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After i saw that horrid 5 min preview i declined to watch it.

Being a long time Brittany fan the movie shames her career with lies. They didn't even bother to do their part in honoring her life.

Also the person they got to play Brittany was horrible. She looked nothing like her.

Thank you!!! It was really disgraceful! Not deserved!

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