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What Do You Think About Nelly Furtado?

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I like her music. I love the fact that every of her 5 albums is completely different and she's releasing one album every 3 years. I'd say she's one of my 5 or at least 10 favourite artists. Her current album The Spirit Indestructible is my favourite, there are really amazing songs on it. The single choices and lack of promo was really horrible, they decided to release the cheapest, least interesting songs as singles and she didn't even sing the best song of the album live! :youpoorthing:

My favourite songs are:

1. I'm Like A Bird

2. On The Radio (Remember The Days)

3. Powerless (Say What You Want)

4. Try

5. All Good Things (Come To An End)

6. Manos Al Aire

7. Spirit Indestructible

8. Parking Lot

9. Miracles

10. Believers (Arab Spring)

Listen to Miracles and Believers (Arab Spring), those songs are really beautiful and should have been singles!

I like Big Hoops, but it's not a good lead single. Imo it should have been Spirit Indestructible, Believers (Arab Spring), Miracles, Big Hoops, Parking Lot. They were so desperate for dance hits that they forgot how meaningful a few songs are. They should have done less wannabe club dance tracks and more tracks about themes like spirit.

So what do you think about her music?

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