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The Sims 4 Thoughts


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I love the creepy baby glitches :pieceofwhat:


I have barely had a chance to play because every time I load up the game I have to stop and do something else. So far I've found the controls to be a bit shit, even in Sims 3 camera mode, and the fact that there's no colour wheels or opacity sliders for CAS and build mode really sucks and they need to add them ASAP.


But the sim's emoticons and multitasking are great. The neighborhoods are small but they're really populated and busy unlike S3. Makes the game much funner to play.

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and yeah first fucking glitches







fuck u ea FUCK U! <3

:lmaolol:  :lmaolol: :lmaolol:  :lmaolol:  :lmaolol:  :lmaolol:  :lmaolol:  :lmaolol:  :lmaolol:  :lmaolol: OMG I CANNOT stop laughing! I just imagine u flipping off the screen when u saw that honestly. Oh god I'm dead :orangu:




I dont like

  • few Objects
  • no pools
  • NO TODLERS......




This version is hurtin'


EA will probably try and milk you all with an expansion pack called "Swimming Pool and Toddlers" soon enough.. TGHd7ar.png





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CAS and building mode are freaking amazing but the rest is just a big NO for me


I really hate the world, I was expecting it to have around 50-80 buildings and there are like 15 on each world...  :4music:

and I'm mad because they didn't make this game for Mac this time


my laptop with Windows fucking sucks. I hate doing anything there and I won't buy another one just to play The Sims 4...

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