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Flop Of The Britney Fan Killers :(

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So do yall know flop of the pops... sorry for my rant and I dont want any warning sorry staff :gloria:


But they are so vile and disgusting  :britney-arrow: .... some bitch sent me death threats for not bowing down to beyonce  :nowaygif:   :boring:  its really sad and irritating there.. :(... 


They Beyonce fans and Xtina fans keep on bullying Britney and bring up her mental illness and call her kids white trash  :umomg:  thats fucking low...  :idc1:

dont even get me started on gaga fans  :umomg:  some bitch called me a attention white trash slut just like britney... first of all im latino :thumbsup:  good job asshole... and second of all... how is britney a attention whore  :wahlykeomg: ... arent the other shit singers attention whores ... you dont know how much theyve hurt me inside :crying4::( and then i said i think arirana wont be big and holy shit people started to scratch me and started to call me retarted and sucidal like britney  :idontunderstand: ... i have like 3 friends there but idgaf anymore  :whatever: im done with that shit site.. 


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