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Yours Truly Or My Everything?



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  1. 1. Yours Truly or My Everything?

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I love both albums so much so it's really hard for me to decide! Who couldn't love Yours Truly with Daydreamin' and Tattooed Heart and Honeymoon Avenue. :crying1: But at the same time My Everything is so hot! :iconic2:


I'm gonna go with My Everything! I love Yours Truly and always will, but I'm really digging Ari's new album. :crying5:


Though my opinion changes a lot, so I can't say it will be my favorite in a week. :P

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Guest GlamBoy

Anything Ariana Grande related is cancerous and by listening to her "music" (ha, ha, ha) you risk getting infected by HIV. So neither. 


You are so stupid just for putting disease on your comment, and ignorant. Hope you don't get neither of those you mentioned because, trust me, it's not something to joke about. You are basic  :imout:

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