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Guest Zooey Deschanel

I Just Cant Do It Anymore

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Guest Zooey Deschanel

so today i had a final exam in biochem. and my moody prof. trolled the hell out of me-she asked me everything about everthying.

i had 3 questions. i knew 2 and begged her to help me about the 3rd one, she refused and i failed.

the scholarship is just too expensive i cant allow my parents go through that to pay me another year i dont want them to spend money on me and being useless

i just want to end it all and free my parents.

i have 2 more times to go on that final but that prof. just searches for every single possible detail to make me fail. 5 of us went on the final today, only 2 barely passed.

i dont want my parents to give money for nothing and disappoint them

i'll just finish this circus certification and thats all. ill have enough time to clean all and just let it go. i just cant do it anymore, i'm sick and tired of being put down and destroyed

sorry guys : ((((


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