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it's 1 am and i'm bored as fuck.... so i made this random thread lets see, we all know tuesday was a big day for universe ! and i enjoy it! 

it's been almost 2 months since i joined and i must say i'm having a good time, even if we have 8 active members .. still i'm having fun i i meet AMAZING people! i really love yall! and trust me i'm a person who dislike poeple A LOT...

still i was wondering who is really active and i decided to make a list... i know i will mis someone so help me


  • MeanPlastic :britwink:
  • nicholas
  • jay
  • mimi
  • Britney Galaxy
  • laracroftonlie
  • goten
  • IgotYouCrazy
  • LegendaryGodney
  • Itsbritneybitch
  • loco
  • jenilicious
  •  PerfectLoverr

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