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Anyone Else Excited For Marina's 3Rd Album?


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Ikr, maybe she's the artist that's gonna pull a "BEYONCE" album on iTunes :umomg:

I think is Madonna who's gonna pull a "BEYONCÉ"...

Marina probably will be smart and release the album few weeks before Christmas.

She really need some good sales...

The first single could be released for this moment or october  :excited:

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I'm so excited to it too :clap::D there's not one song I don't like from Electra Heart, each song is like a personal song for everybody

Exactly, I love that album so much because it captures the darkness that we all experience at some point in many forms: heartbreak, loneliness, the feel that you're not good enough, she's a genious!

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I don't think Lana could top anything like Marina, her songs are great but too much sorrow


Both Marina and Lana are good but Lana's music feels really manufactured and fake, I really don't buy her image whereas I believe in every word that comes out of Marina's mouth. She just seems genuine. 

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