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Friends Mini Reunion

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This isn’t exactly the emotional “Friends” reunion we’ve always dreamed of — among other things, it includes waaay more focus on “Ross” and his “lovemaking” aspirations than anyone could possibly need — but when it comes to the wish-fulfillment of seeing Rachel, Monica and Phoebe together again in their cute little kitchen, it totally does the job.

Jimmy Kimmel dropped his idea for a “Friends” revisit on an unsuspecting Jennifer Aniston during her appearance on his show Wednesday, where an awkward reading of his fanfiction script turned into an impromptu meetup for the show’s lady alums.


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wow jenn seems to be a bitch for most of the video

so you think they still talk to each other sometimes?

this is definetly not what I was expecting when I read there was a "meeting" of them on Twitter

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