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Pretty Little Liars! **spoiler Thread***


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In the book it's say Ali is A because she was trying to get rid of Bethany since that's her twin sister



In the show during the summer finale it was revealed that Bethany's dad is Mr.D I think Ali is A, and CeCe is the Black Widow. I just re-watched the finale last night! So that would make sense that Ali is A and she's trying to cover up her father's affair but don't get why she killed her own mother, unless that was just revenge on her burring Ali alive, so she was killed and buried   

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Wait, who's black widow again? I don't recall them mentioning it lol  :oshit:



But yeah, Mona was a great character... wish she was still alive though...  :crying1:



I think Melissa's bf (that British guy - what's his name again?) could be A or working for A 


Maybe Ali is being blackmailed by A, as such she has to turn against the girls to keep her and the rest safe...? 

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