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Ariana Grande Hates Her Fans...


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Hi! my name is Abbey. i met Ariana Grande in DC for the world wide day of play. Ariana is so sweet. She came up to me and my friends where the crowd was asking me if she signed anything from me yet i giggled and said no, Ariana signed a paper for me. I freaked out then she gave me a hug. Instead of walking away after that, she talk with me and my friends. It was the best experience ever. 




I was lucky enough to meet one of my biggest idols - Ariana Grande! The show started around 9 and Ariana was amazing!! Even though she had a cold. During her The Way performance her background music stopped but Ariana being the amazing performer she is she kept going as if nothing happened! After Ariana and the following act We The Kings  was Ariana’s meet and greet! Me and my friends ran over in line and I made a very good friend online I am still close to this day. When it was finally my turn..I was so excited! I walked up to her and she gave me a hug and said Hi! I replied back hi and took a picture with her on my phone. As I handed her my picture to sign and my letter to her i said you’re amazing meeting fans this sick! And she started to laugh and then I had to leave. I stood a few feet away and her team yelled at me to move when all I did was try to wait for my friends! It was so crowded and easy to get lost. As I moved cause of her guards Ariana yelled to the meanest one “chill out!!!!†in a really mean tone but the guard deserved it! I left the happiest girl ever! Don’t ever doubt meeting Ariana because it will happen one day! To top off meeting her the next day I got a DM on twitter by Ariana saying thanks for the letter and she followed me! By far it was one of the 


These are just one of a few stories where Ariana has been kind and loving towards the people that support her. 



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Guest GlamBoy

Omg, thank you so much for posting this, Jay!  :crying1: I love her so much and i know she's not fake, ppl are always gonna talk sh+t. You know: haters gon' hate  :frenchy:

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