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For Sale On Ebay- Pepsi Doll W/rare Advertisement & Crazy Waitress Doll

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Hello lovelies.  

Times are very tough lately, and I have to sell some of my Britney possessions. 

Up for auction I currently have :




Waitress Doll: 



Pepsi Doll : 



Id rather someone from here buy them.

I also just reduced the Buy It Now price to $15!   <3


After our car accident BF has been out of work :(:crying1:


Msg me about any other dolls you may be interested in, as I may part with them as well If I have them :)

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Nooo. Do not sell your precious doll :(



IKR? :(


Its really crazy right now, I can always buy others ya know? These are the only two I have in the box though, as I prefer them unboxed :)

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